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Does tap haus provide the alcohol?

Do you have bartenders that service the taps during an event?

Are you willing to travel further than the Twin Cities & surrounding areas?

What types of events can I have tap haus' wall at?

Does tap haus tap the kegs?

Can my event guests pour their own beverages?

We love any kind of event! From weddings, to birthday celebrations, retirement parties, corporate events... the list is endless!

We actually don't.
There are a couple of reasons for this: 
1. If you are hosting a backyard/at-home party, this gives you the opportunity to purchase your own kegs and ultimately save money!
2. Most venues - especially wedding or event-based venues - require that all alcohol is purchased in-house or from their preferred liquor company. We don't want to step on anyone's toes!

No for this as well. We leave the tapping up to the licensed liquor company or the signed-contract holder (AKA the client who pays with us) to tap the kegs responsibly and manage the amounts served. 

At this time, we are solely a tap wall rental. Tap Haus will not provide and/or serve any alcohol. We will make sure the tap wall arrives on time and is set for tapping, and the rest is left to the client or the venue.

In the case you are hosting your own event (i.e. a birthday party at your private home) that is entirely up to you! As for venues, you'll need to check with them to see what their venue policies are. From experience, most venues will require a licensed bartender to pour any alcoholic beverages.

Of course! We will charge a travel fee of $0.56 per mile for any events outside of a 25 miles radius of Champlin. In the case the venue is 100 miles, or further, we may discuss additional travel expenses such as a hotel or AirBnB stay and food costs for our team prior to you booking. 

How much does it cost to rent your tap wall?

$125 per hour with a two-hour minimum. In short, you're looking to invest $250 to start then $100 per additional hour. 

Am I allowed to put my own florals on the tap wall to match the
event aesthetic?

Absolutely! We ask that you hang the florals carefully. No additional hanging devices (nails, screws, tape, adhesives or screwed-in hooks of any kind) are allowed. 

what all is included in the rental of your tap wall?

Our rental includes the tap wall, beverage napkins, CO2 tank for the beer to pour, buckets for the kegs to be placed in. Side note - you don't need to use all of the tap handles if you don't want! We wanted to give our clients the ability to have variety.